1.  How was Daily Brain Booster developed?

Daily Brain Booster was developed by a Neurological Surgeon with an extensive background in neuroscience.

2.  How were the active ingredients of Daily Brain Booster selected?

Daily Brain Booster contains 7 specific active ingredients that have been selected based on recent clinical trials that showed improvement in memory and cognitive function after administration.  See “References” section for additional information.

3.  How often should I take Daily Brain Booster?

It is recommended to take once or twice daily, typically with the first dose in the morning.

4.  Is Daily Brain Booster contraindicated with any other medical conditions?

Two of the active ingredients in Daily Brain Booster have mild anti-coagulant effects.  Therefore, if you are taking blood thinners, you should consult your physician prior to use.  Daily Brain Booster is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.  Consult your physician prior to use if you have any of the following medical conditions:  kidney disease, epilepsy, or liver failure.

5.  Should I use Daily Brain Booster if I have early signs of dementia?

Yes!  Daily Brain Booster was developed to improve memory and overall cognitive function, which decline with progressive dementia.

6.  How does Daily Brain Booster work?

Daily Brain Booster provides essential compounds that are utilized in the synthesis of specific neurotransmitters within the brain that are involved with memory formation.  Daily Brain Booster also contains compounds that protect neurons within the brain from oxidative damage (antioxidants).  Daily Brain Booster also contains compounds that improve blood flow to the brain and facilitate neuronal metabolism.  See “The Science of Memory” section for additional information.

7.  Are the active ingredients in Daily Brain Booster effectively absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract?

Yes.  The 7 active ingredients in Daily Brain Booster are all effectively absorbed by the GI tract.

8.  Do the active ingredients in Daily Brain Booster actually enter the brain?

Many substances that are supposed to improve brain function do not actually get into the brain because they are unable to cross the blood-brain barrier.  However, all 7 active ingredients in Daily Brain Booster have been shown clinically to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier.

9.  Will Daily Brain Booster increase my overall energy levels?

Yes.  Several of the compounds within Daily Brain Booster will also increase overall energy levels, in addition to supporting cognitive function and memory formation.

10.  Does Daily Brain Booster contain caffeine?

Yes.  Daily Brain Booster contains 100 mg of caffeine.

11.  How long do I need to take Daily Brain Booster before I see results?

You should experience increased energy levels almost immediately with use.  It typically requires two weeks of continuous use to experience improvements in short-term memory (secondary to neurotransmitter precursors).   Daily Brain Booster also results in improved memory after 12-18 months of continuous use secondary to improved neuronal metabolism (from antioxidants).

12.  There is some sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Is that normal?

Yes. The sediment results from the high temperatures involved in the heat-pasteurization process and is harmless. We recommend consuming Daily Brain Booster without shaking the bottle and discarding the sediment with the bottle. This will not alter the active ingredients or decrease the effectiveness of Daily Brain Booster in any way.

13.  Who should take Daily Brain Booster?

Daily Brain Booster is designed as a memory supplement – basically anyone that wants to improve their memory should take it.  This includes people with memory loss or dementia, professionals that require optimal memory function, college and professional students, and anyone that consumes energy drinks.  Daily Brain Booster is an all-natural energy drink, is heat pasteurized, and contains no artificial preservatives.