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Daily Brain Booster contains precursors to important neurotransmitters involved with memory formation, as well as antioxidants to improve neuronal metabolism, and vitamins and stimulants to increase overall energy levels.

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Many energy and metabolism drinks contain artificial preservatives to increase shelf-life, which could potentially be harmful. However, Daily Brain Booster is heat-pasteurized and contains no artificial preservatives.

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     Who Should Take Daily Brain Booster?


  • Anyone with memory loss
  • People that desire optimal memory function
  • Professionals that require a mental edge
  • College and professional students
  • Energy drink consumers
  • Anyone with progressive memory decline or dementia


The Science of Memory

Memory is one of the most important and most complex processes of the brain. Memory formation, storage, and retrieval is central to the human essence. Memory is critical to the function of human beings, and contributes extensively to our collective personalities by influencing our behaviors and interactions

Learning and memory are complex physiological processes that involve many different neurons in many different areas of the brain. The hippocampus is part of the medial temporal lobe and it is important in the formation of short-term memories. Read more